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Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 9th August 2014 Written Update

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 9th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Dau ji asking Agni to call RK. She says Bhanu took my phone. Dau ji calls RK but can’t connect. He says the call is going, but not is not taken. RK and Madhu are busy with rehearsals for the film. They see RishBala and try to bring that effect. The guy trains them to emote some romantic and action scenes. He asks RK to take the gun, and RK says I took an oath I will never lift gun. The man says this is acting. Madhu says this is good thing, as its acting, take the gun now. The man guys him to act like someone is coming to kill Madhu and he is aiming at him. Bhanu walks to them. The man asks him to bring expressions.

RK says where will expressions come from plastic gun. Madhu brings the gun he gave her for her protection. RK has the real gun in his hand. Bhanu knocks the door. The man says there is so much disturbance. Bhanu pushes the man and aims at RK. RK too aims at him. Madhu’s eyes pops out. Both the guys aims guns. RK says picture did not start and climax came. RK threatens Bhanu and asks what do you want. Bhanu says I want Dau ji’s property papers. RK says I don’t have it. Bhanu says don’t make me angry. Madhu starts having stomach ache and RK looks at her.

Bhanu says give me the papers, else we will shoot ourselves. RK holds Madhu leaving the gun, asking is she fine. Madhu asks RK to lift the gun, else he will kill us. Bhanu says no one can stop death, don’t waste time and give me papers. RK says I don’t have papers. Bhanu says I will count till 3. Madhu thinks about RK’s promise and their marriage. She cries thinking of their love. Bhanu says 1……2……… RK does not take the gun. Bhanu says 3 and someone shoots on his leg. Its Dau ji who enters as their savior. RK smiles. Dau ji gives an angry man look.

Dau ji says I feel like I shoot him all the bullets of my house, but I m helpless, as I have blessed my daughter Tara to be Suhaagan. Take this divorce papers and sign it before going to jail. Bhanu signs on the papers. The police comes and arrests Bhanu. RK gives the guns to Madhu and asks her to throw it, as its not needed. He says Dau ji, you proved that you are my father, and I m very important to you. Dau ji says I can die for you. RK hugs Dau ji.

The man says you did good acting,no need to teach you, very good and leaves. Dau ji asks RK to take the call. RK talks to Ravinder and he asks him to come on film mahurat on time. RK says I need to talk to you, which will decide I will do this film or not. Ravinder says I will come your home. Madhu asks why did you call him. RK says I did a mistake, I did not tell him about my disease. He is investing on me, I should tell him the truth. Dau ji says in films, people hide everything, they can cancel the film if you tell this. Madhu says doctor allowed you to work.

RK says he has hopes from us, we should tell him the truth, its his wish to make film or not.RK asks where is Bittu. Madhu says Bittu went to mandir. New mechanic comes to help RK in his garage, when he goes off to shoot. RK says he treats everyone equal in his garage, but work should be honestly done, go and get to work. The guy leaves. Ravinder comes and asks RK why did he call him. RK says I need to tell something important. RK says about his heart disease, a hole in his heart. Madhu gives him the reports. Ravinder is shocked and sees the reports.

He says but you look fit. RK says yes, but its since my childhood. Ravinder says you will be the hero of my film, its great that you are strong. Everyone smile. He asks them to come tomorrow, and his dream is getting fulfilled after so many years. He leaves. Madhu says now my mum’s dream will be fulfilled and smiles thanking Kanha. The film mahurat is shown. Bittu gives the interview and says he is happy that he is back in industry. Leela and Agni look happier.

Ravinder asks Dida to start the shoot. The film is named Madhubala EK Ishq Ek Junoon. RK and Madhu enter and Dida and Bittu’s memories come alive. Ishq hai………………plays……………. They dress up like Rishbala. RK holds Madhu and says Biwi, our togetherness is of 7 births and this is our 2nd, so it means more 5 are still there, but we will see a love story of our 2nd birth. They dance on the song Kaisa ishq kaisa junoon hai maahi…………….Hum hai tere deewane……………..Everyone look at them. Dida cries seeing them. Everyone clap for them. RK and Madhu have an eyelock and smile.

The Show Ended!!
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Friday, 8 August 2014

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 8th August 2014 Written Update

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 8th August 2014 Written Update
Part 1

Raja asks Madhu how can we make a film. Madhu says we can. Let me tell yes to him. Raja hesitates. Madhu tells Raja even i dunno acting but its to fulfill my mom’s last wish. Raja says no. Madhu says some things need to be done for Junoon. She reminds him how Ravindra G. wants to make film. Raja refuses. Madhu says fine, wont listen to u. Raja relents.

Tauji asks for spoon. Agni is in panic as Bhanu keeps gun pointed at Tauji. Agni tells Tauji that am scared, ur not here whole day ..i kept jewels in locker, if u want to keep something. Tauji says have nothing. Bhanu fumes. Agni says property papers. Tauji asks why so worried. Agni says dont have jewels .. only mansion and farms. Tauji says have kept them safely.

Bittu wonders if Ravindra will take his call and Madhu says he will ..he offered a movie too. Want u with us like Hanuman ji is with Lord Ram, u with Raja. Madhu says my mom wanted RK-Madhu story on screen. Bittu says lemme intro u to Abhijeet sir who is acting coach. Ravindra calls Madhu and says want to do photoshoot and Madhu agrees.

Bhanu points gun at Agni and says accepted defeat. Agni says trying to get the papers. Bhanu takes Agnis phone and Lela calls but Bhanu cuts the call. Bhanu asks Agni to make Pakodas. Ravindra shows Rishbala pic to Rajbala and Raja is blank. The duo try to pose but are not able to do it properly. Raja says i cant do this. Ravindra says try .. if u do.. u will get it. RK was clear slate.. he had defects . i turned them to strength and he became Superstar RK. I will teach u too..and u will be RK-2 and u will be Madhubala.

Part 2

Madhu says such a weird thing life is.. if this money from movies had come from films a few days ago, i did have thrown it on ur faces.. after what films took away from me. She says today realized, shouldnt hate someone coz of one incident. She apologizes to the film industry. Radha tells Madhu .. ur mom was born on set and ur rebirth is on set too. Radha asks Madhu to shine Rishbala name with her talent. Radha tells Raja, dont need money ..just love. Radha gives money to Raja. Raja gives it to Lela. He says will support Bittu forever. Will give u 40% of all our earnings. Lela says ur talking like RK. Lela reassures everyone that from now on.. they will stay together happily.

Part 3

Tauji finds a note from Agni in the food plate. He reads it and is shocked. Tauji asks Agni why cooked so early. .going someplace. Agni says to locker. He asks for property papers. Tauji says its with Raja in the chawl. Bhanu runs off from there. Agni asks Tauji why u said it out loud. Tauji says to get him caught. Will tell Raja in advance. Tauji-Agni try to contact Raja but no response.

Precap —-
Rajbala are dancing in Rishbala style. BG – Hum hai dewane..

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Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 7th August 2014 Written Update

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 7th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Agni apologizing to Bhanu asking him not to kill her. Bhanu says I have to hide from police, and I will stay here in your room. She says my room. He says you are my sister in law, but I regard you my sister, so don’t worry, if I get a chance I will kill Dau ji. She is shocked. He eats the food and lies to rest. He says be careful, no one should come in your room, you have to stop Dau ji from coming here, else…… She says no one will come. Dida asks Madhu to bring her truck, in which she has old books which has medical remedies which may be useful for RK’s heart disease.

Madhu brings the trunk. She opens it and sees Madhubala’s diary. She asks whose diary is this. Dida says its 20 years old, I did not have courage to read it. Madhu says I will read it. Dida says no, keep it back. Madhu says I did not see my mum, I can know something about her reading this, please. Dida agrees. Madhu thanks her and hugs the diary. Agni gives all the files to Bhanu. He throws them and asks where did Dau ji keep the property papers. She says I don’t know, trust me. He says I will give you 3 days, find it out. The bell rings. Agni says Dau ji came. He says I m going in your room, don’t tell anyone that I m here, else….. he aims at her.

Dau ji says Agni…… She panics. Bhanu leaves. Agni runs to Dau ji and opens the door. Dau ji asks what was she doing, sleeping? Why is she worried? She says nothing. Madhu talks to Kanha and says my first fast is over, give one year life more to my RK. RK sees her and smiles. She asks him to make her have laddoos and he makes her eat. She drinks water and says lets have food together. He says today we will go out and have food outside. She says no, such food is not good. He says nothing will happen come. She says fine, but we will come home soon, as we have to go to meet doctor tomorrow.

Dau ji sees his room messed up and cupboard open. He asks what was she doing in his room. She says rat came, big one and I was making it go away. RK works at the garage. A man comes and says check my car. She says RK you, I m a film producer director. Madhu comes and the man says Madhu………He says do you know, your faces meet 20 years old superstars RK and Madhubala’s faces. I made four superhit films with them, they died in an accident, I was looking for faces like them, if you say I will announce film with you both tomorrow.

RK and Madhu are puzzled and happy. RK gives his card and asks them to call him of they agree, he will make them a star, its his promise. RK and Madhu smile. Madhu reads her mum’s diary, that she wanted to make a film with her husband RK. The flashback refuses to do the film as his marriage can’t be any film,a dn gives many reasons asking her to do something constructive. He ended her career and says this story, we can’t do this in this birth, and we will have to take another birth to do this film. Madhubala writes its first birthday of her daughter, I feel my daughter will fulfill my dream.

Madhu thinks we got the film offer together and today I understood why Lord sent my father’s face on my husband, now my mum’s dream will be fulfilled. Its morning, Madhu tells the doctor that she told RK about his disease. He asks how did he react. She says he is strong and said till I m with him, he does not get medicine. He says yes, I m sure RK will be fine with this positive approach. Madhu asks about the film offer, can he shoot. He says yes, not more than 8 hours and no action scenes. RK says I m fine because of Madhu.

Bhanu comes in living room. Agni worries and asks him to go as Dau ji can see him. He asks her did she ask Dau ji. She says if Dau ji catches me then what. He asks her to find the papers or do anything I two days, else he will not leave him. He says when Dau ji comes, ask him. Dau ji calls Agni and Bhanu hides. Dau ji comes there and says if I get Bhanu, I will kill him. Bhanu hears this. RK sees the diary and says Madhubala……….. do you write diary. He says you and me, when did we take this pic. She says no, they are my mummy papa, they look like us, I got this diary with Dida, I came to know my mum’s last wish, a film on her life, and people know how she was born. He asks how.

She tells her struggles and how her grandmum saved her mum, and then she was born on film set and was named Madhubala. She says her dad was her biggest enemy, and they came in this chawl. She says her journey and they died on film set. My parents died, and Dida took me out, so w got saved. She says I want to make a film on their life. RK says how. She looks at him. Ishq hai……………plays………………..

Dau ji tells Agni that he saved the papers very safe in trunk. Bhanu goes to take her. Agni asks why did he say this now. Dau ji says to send Bhanu, I will call RK now.
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Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 6th August 2014 Written Update

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 6th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with RK asking Madhu why is she scared. Madhu says your life is in risk. He says what, who will kill me. She says disease. He says I m fine, see what is she saying Dau ji, the tantrik did this. Madhu says doctor told me about your disease and I have hidden it from you, I can’t be away from you, else who will give you medicines. He says when did you give me medicines till now. She says the veg juice which you take two times a day, I mix medicines in it. Bittu asks what disease does he have. Madhu shows the medicines and says this is your medicines, which you have to take two times. She asks how can I live RK alone in this state.

Dida asks what happened to RK. RK says I was 12 years old, when my parents were killed infront of my eyes, I m not afraid of death, tell me what happened to me. Madhu says life risk. I can’t tell any details. Everyone is shocked. She makes RK have the medicines and gives him water. He takes it and says why did you hide this what did you get. She says I did not wish you to take any tension, but I had to tell this truth when this matter came out to make us separate. RK says Dau ji, will you leave us alone for two mins. Everyone go out.

Dau ji sits at the garage thinking about RK and his moments. Bittu comes and sees him crying. Dau ji says I can’t live without my RK, I lost my elder son years back and now RK. Bittu says nothing will happen to RK, trust Lord. RK thinks how Madhu safeguarded him and gave him medicines. He apologizes to her that she was taking care of him, and he shouted on her, he blamed her, sorry. Hum hai tere deewane……………plays…………..

He says I want your love. She says don’t shake your trust, I will always be with you, and see you will get well soon, I will never leave you. They hold hands. RK says I know. He asks tell me what my disease. She says let it go, you will get tensed. He says I promise I won’t, just tell me once what happened to me. She says heart disease, you have a hole in your heart. He is shocked, He says just this much, I m a lover, so I have this heart disease. He holds his heart and talks to it. Madhu cries. He says all my heart is yours. She hugs him and says now our love will heal this. RK looks worried.

Dida talks to Bittu and Leela, and says this can affect Madhu’s child too. Bittu asks him to be strong, how they have dealt with problems after Rishabh and Madhubala’s death. He says my heart says Lord will bring them out of every test, don’t worry. Dau ji comes and says I m leaving now, I m sorry if I hurt you. He folds his hands. Dida says no, don’t embarrass me, we should be sorry, its our mistake. We have blamed you, but you did not say anything. Dau ji says what to tell you, you love Madhu and I love RK.

He asks her to pray for RK’s life. Dida says sure, RK is Madhu’s life and Sindoor, and we will never let her become a widow, we will pray for RK. Leela thinks one’s pain is other’s happiness. Agni is happy and thinks how will I stop RK if he comes here, if RK asks for his property then. She gets Leela’s call. Leela says it’s a great news. Agni asks what. Leela says RK is dying, he has a life taking heart disease. Agni says what are you saying. Leela says let him die. Agni says yes, its good news. Leela says till he is alive, he will be here in chawl. Agni is happy. She turns and sees Bhanu. He greets her.

Madhu and RK have a talk. RK is upset as life is joking with him now, as she gives him tablets. He says first I have bullets and now this tablets. She says nothing will happen to you. Ishq hai…………plays…………… He says you be with me, I won’t need any medicines. Madhu gives veg juice to RK and says she is fasting for their relation. He drinks it. Dida and Dau ji come to them. Dida apologizes to him. Madhu dons the pallu seeing Dau ji. Dida says I blamed you for all wrong reasons, I m sorry, forgive me. RK says what are you saying, I never saw my Dadi, you are my Dadi, you should not say sorry, but hold my ear to make me walk on right path.

Dida says yes, I will pray to Lord to make you fine. RK says Dau ji, now nothing can happen to me, as she will fight for me with Lord and Madhu will fast for me. Dau ji says I will go now and come tomorrow. RK says live here with us, this is your house. Dau ji says I will come to work in garage, as you say. RK says fine, but don’t work, and lets refresh village memories. Dau ji says I still have strength, I want to meet you daily by this reason. He blesses them and leaves. Madhu smiles.

Bhanu eats food and talks to Agni. He says he fooled police and came here, now he will end food and kill her. She is shocked and says I m your sister in law, I m sorry, I don’t want to die. He says I never forgive anyone, Tara was going to village and I made her work in the fields. He scares her and smiles. Agni worries.

Madhu gets Madhubala’s diary and says she will read it. Dida says no, keep it back, I did not had courage to read it till now.
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Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 5th August 2014 Written Update

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 5th August 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Madhu getting angry on the tantrik. Dida says wait for some time, and you will get out of RK’s control. Madhu says your eyes got blurred, not me. Leela says see her, Dau ji and RK did magic on her, she does not know whom is she arguing to. Madhu says enough Mami, you are saying anything. Leela says if RK did not do anything, why did he want to send tantrik back. Dida says see Madhu, I will go if you don’t listen to me, as I can’t see you being a puppet for him. Madhu asks why is she doing this, can’t she see this tantrik is doing this for money. Dida says let this happen if you love and trust me, this will not harm you. Madhu sits.

Dau ji comes and sees Madhu sitting. He asks Dida to stop it, as he won’t let this happen. Dida argues with him. Dida asks him to leave, as this is her home, else she will insult him. Dau ji says I can get insulted, but not see Madhu insulted, I came to take Madhu. Dida asks him to go. Agni messages Leela that she has done her work, now lets see what happen there. She calls Leela to find out. Leela says its great happening here, you have sent tantrik and its fire here, RK and Madhu’s love will burn now.

Dida and Leela asks tantrik to start it. He says if RK and Madhu stay together, then RK will die. And Madhu and her child will also be harmed. Madhu thinks RK’s disease. Leela thinks how did she give money to tantrik. She asks him to something that their roots of the relation can break. She asks him to scare Madhu with RK’s death and scare RK with baby’s death, when both are scared then they will do what we will write in their fate. RK comes there and Madhu gets up. Dida scolds RK and he argues with her.

Dida asks tantrik to say what will happen with RK. He says death is chasing you and your baby, so it will be good if you and your wife stay apart. If you both stay together, you and your child will die. Dida says it means till you get the child, you have to stay away. The tantrik says when you get the child, death yog will go. RK says I won’t believe you, now you say when is death in your Kundli, you will face it in two mins. Leela says he came for your good, be calm. RK asks how much money did you get. I wil not give my Rani to you. Dida says whats this Rani, she is my daughter Madhu. RK says I will talk to you after he goes. Madhu looks on worried. The tantrik leaves. Madhu cries.

Leela asks Dida and RK not to fight, and ask Madhu what is her decision, with whom will she stay, Dida or RK which can ruin everyone. Madhu thinks about RK’s health and says you and our child is very precious to me, which I don’t want to lose, so I can sacrifice anything to save both of you. She says I can stay away for 9 years too. Leela smiles. RK is shocked. He says listen to me. Dida says Madhu told her decision, respect it and go. RK says you are planning this to separate us and Madhu is not understanding. Madhu thinks she should not give tension to him. RK asks her to talk him in private. Dida asks him to go. RK leaves.

Dau ji talks to Bittu and says this is not right, Dida is blaming us. RK comes and says they are planning to separate us, I tried to make things fine, but they kicked me out. Dau ji asks what happened now. RK stops saying. Leela calls Agni and gives good news. Agni praises her and is happy. Leela says we have made them apart in 2100 rs, they will be away for 9 months, and till then time will change, as we will change world. Agni says you did Rs 10 crores in 2100rs. Leela smiles. (2100 slaps from my side to this selfish Leela!!) Madhu thinks what to do, as she is making RK go back on his wrong path, she loves RK and can’t run form truth, she has to walk with trust, why is she weakening her trust, Lord gives life and death, one wrong move can change destination. RK looks at their home and is upset.

Dau ji says lets go home now. RK says try to understand, they planned this smartly, I will not leave her, we will take her. Dau ji says she is not a kid to believe them, but she has insulted us infront of them. He asks him why did Madhu not clear to Dida that you did not keep her by force, she is staying with you by happiness, but she did not say. I can’t bear more insult now, lets go now. He says come with me to village, our home. RK says Rani? Dau ji says we will get her to us by making our goons get her. Bittu comes and asks why are they serious.

Dau ji says your family gave us so much respect that we got burdened. Bittu consoles him and asks him not to flow in emotions and says RK you know how we made this garage and started this work. He asks RK not to worry about Madhu. RK says I did not feel bad when Dida called tantrik, but how can Madhu agree to him. He says I won’t let anything wrong happen in my life. Leela stops Madhu from going to RK. Dida too stops her, but Madhu goes. Madhu says RK, I need to talk to you. RK says say in two mins. Everyone looks on.

RK says I was 12 years when my parents got dead infront of my eyes, tell me what happened to me. Madhu says his life is in danger and she can’t say anything. Everyone is shocked.

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Monday, 4 August 2014

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 4th August 2014 Written Update

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 4th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Bittu and RK talking. RK says if I leave the garage, even then I will give you Rs 60000. Bittu says he has explained Madhu well and she won’t go for night duty. RK says we will see in some hours, whether my relation with her stays or not. Agni fills Dau ji’s ears against Madhu. Dau ji asks her to call Madhu. She thinks if he talks to her, he will melt, I will dial wrong number. She says she is not taking our call. He says call again. She says she is not. Dau ji gets angry and says I won’t let her play with my heir. Madhu gets ready to leave for her job and thinks about Bittu and her boss’ words. Bittu asks RK not to get angry and go to rest. RK says I m working to calm my mind and anger, I want to divert from mind.

Dau ji comes to them and talks to RK. He asks about Madhu doing night duty and asks where is she, he wants to talk to her. RK and Dau ji go to talk to Madhu. RK says Dau ji you wpke me on right time, if she goes tonight for work, I will go my home with you, and return back to my old life. Dida comes and says yes go, as you have ruined her life, but I won’t let this happen, I have come to take her. Dau ji calms her down and says its Madhu’s mistake and you are blaming my son. Dida argues.

Dida says there is no equality between Madhu and RK. Madhu nods no and stays quiet. Dau ji says my son left his property and come here to work honestly. Dida says tell me what he left, did you give all property to charity, he has ruined Madhu’s life. She has forgiven him and staying with him. RK fumes. Leela smiles. Dida asks Madhu to come. Madhu says but Dida and goes with her. Madhu comes out and says I have accepted RK as my husband, I m pregnant. Dida says no, this can’t be my Madhu. Leela adds fuel in the fire.

Dau ji comes there and asks Madhu to come home. Dida argues with him and insults him. Dida says don’t know what magic you did on her. Dau ji says you can’t keep her without her husband’s permission. Dida insults RK. Madhu says stop it Dida. Dida says see Leela, Madhu got mad because of RK. Madhu gets a call and Dida takes the call. She says she won’t do any job, don’t call her. Madhu asks what happened to her. Leela says no need to work now. Dida says Madhu, you won’t give birth to RK’s child, abort this. Everyone is shocked.

Dau ji says what are you saying, she will give birth to my heir. Dida says no, this is not your village, I will do as I want, she will stay with me, you can leave. RK comes and looks at Madhu while she cries. RK asks Madhu how can she see Dida insulting Dau ji and asks her to apologize. Dida says no, she won’t. RK says Madhu apologize, else it won’t take two mins to become old RK. Madhu folds her hands and apologizes to Dau ji. Dida looks on. RK says lets go Dau ji. They leave.

Dida gets angry and leaves. Agni gets Leela’s call and says it’s a good news. She tells what Dida did in one stroke and Agni is very happy. Leela tells her how she has manipulated Dida and Agni says she is missing all the drama. Leela says I m giving you a dangerous work, and tells her plan. (Muted) Agni smiles. Dau ji tells RK its about my heir. I will not leave them and won’t let them abort the child. RK says don’t worry, everything will be fine, it will happen by our wish. Dau ji says lets go to our village with Madhu by force, lets keep her for nine months, and get a heir, then send her here, let her go anywhere then.

Bittu comes and RK asks whats going on, why is Dida doing this. Bittu says I know this is tough time, trust Lord, some solution will come. RK asks how. Bittu says Madhu has sent soup for you, Madhu is clean hearted and loves you a lot. RK takes the glass and thinks Madhu did not have it in morning, so I have to drink it. He drinks it. Madhu looks at her house and sticks the paper with home name Gharonda. RK comes and sees her. Jo hai kabhi pyaar me………. Hum hai deewane……………plays………… they look at each other.

He says if you not here, then whats the need to stick this Gharonda name. Madhu says she does not want to go, she wants him but its true that RK does not trust her. One night she went out and he has blamed her. RK says enough now, I m sorry. Hum hai tere deewane……………..plays…………… Madhu wipes her tears and smiles. He says but what Dida now? A tantrik Baba comes and asks about Madhu’s house. RK asks him who is he and for what he came. The man says I can control anyone, I do VashiKaran, I came here to free Madhu. RK gets angry and is about to slap him, but stops thinking of his promise not to be violent and hurt anyone.

The man ask fro money., RK asks him to leave. Leela comes there and welcomes him. She apologizes and asks him to come. RK gets angry.

Dau ji talks to Bittu. RK says Dida is making me apart from Madhu. Dau ji asks what happened. RK is fuming in anger.
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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 2nd August 2014 Written Update

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 2nd August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Mahdu telling Dau ji that RK is fine, else she would have given him medicines. Dau ji blesses her. Leela is angry and says RK and Madhu are again together. She gets Agni’s call and gives her the bad news. Agni says then we have to find some way again. Leela says yes, I will surely find, you just see. She ends the call and thinks she will find some way. Its night, Madhu asks RK to have food and they have a talk, that something good happens in fight, as he made food. He says I made it as you should not sleep hungry, I would have not made for myself. He asks her not to shout on him infront of everyone. She asks him to forget the past.

She says I got a job in call centre, when you sleep, I will go and I will come back till you get back. He says you will work all night. She says I get bored all day when you go to garage, and we both can get the bed to sleep, you can sleep at night and I can sleep at day. He says you are thinking of doing a job, as I m not earning, why do you want me to realize that I m useless and can’t get food for you. She says no. he says if you go out of home to work, things can get worse, you will not do the job, that’s it. He sleeps.

Madhu comes to him and leaves for the job at night. The boss asks Madhu where is she, she is late on first day of office, come fast. Madhu comes and says I m sorry. He says if I slap you and say sorry, how will you feel. If you come late again, I will make you leave from the gate itself. She says yes, sorry. She says he is so rude, I won’t here, but thinking about doctor’s words, she says I will do this work, for my RK. Ishq hai………….plays…………….

Its morning, Madhu comes and sees RK sleeping. She thanks Kanha that RK is still sleeping and keeps the file under the bed. She acts like sleeping quicky lying down. RK wakes up and sees Madhu. He gets up and asks where did you go. He says you are doing the job after I said no. He asks why did you do this. She says as I have to do this. He says it means my workds does not matter. She asks does my thoughts does not matter. He says fine, out mentality will be different from now on, you go on with yours and I with mine.

He says no you do your work and I will run my garage, we won’t tell anything to each other. She says don’t we work together and run this home, think I m trying to run this house. He says you wanted to say this, that I m not able to manage the home. As I m following whatever you say, but not anymore, I will do what my heart says now. Leela comes to Dida. Dida says how can this happen. Leela says speak slowly, I know you are shocked, come home and bring out your anger. Dida asks how can I trust this, how can Madhu accept RK and be with him happily.

Leela says no, RK made her accept him, he has controlled her and made her his maid. She says I stopped Madhu, but she does not listen to me. Leela says Dida have so values and Madhu became so shameless. Dida says I did wrong to leave her alone, I will come. Leela says no, I m there to amange. Dida says no, I have to free Madhu from RK, I will come. Leela thinks RK and Madhu now be together and show.

Its morning, Madhu is worried as she has to give medicines to RK, if she does not then……. RK works a lot at the garage and Bittu asks him not to work, as doctor has restricted him. RK says I m not a kid now to get scared of anyone. I will do what my heart says. Madhu says I will make RK have the medicines. Bittu asks RK what is he doing with bulb. RK tells Bittu that he will work all night, else his wife will go for job at night, that too hiding. RK gives him sweets and says Madhu got job in night shift, don’t ask me what is it, I just know she gets a call, she whispers and she goes without telling me.

He says just phone is coming now, see what happens next. Madhu hears all this and asks RK to have juice. RK says throw it, I don’t need it, I saved from this bitter juice because of your job and taunts her. He asks Bittu not to see like this, as they are poor and their wives have the right to do what their heart says. Madhu comes home and says I m not upset by his taunts, but worried for his medicines. Bitttu comes there and she wipes her tears.

Bittu asks her did she ask him about the job, how did this happen suddenly, this silence can get a big risk. When RK said no, why did you do ti, if I was in KR’s place, I would have felt I can’t earn a living for my wife. She says I m doing this for money. He says you should have taken his permission, we have to manage now as he is taking on his ego, all days are not same, good time will come. He says RK is working to make this house with honestly, the day he makes this car well, he will get a good business in 10 years. She cries thinking I wish RK had 10 years and I could tell Bittu about this, why I m doing this job and getting bad in everyone’s eyes.

Dau ji sees RK and Madhu’s pic and smiles. Agni comes to him and says Dau ji, throw this album out now. He asks why. Agni says Madhu is doing night shift job. Dau ji says is RK mad, how did he give her permission. Agni says Madhu went after he said no, and is going hiding. Dau ji asks how did she know. Agni says Leela told me. Dau ji thinks. Bittu tells Madhu that RK said if she goes for job tonight, he will break this relation tomorrow, and will not come here to stay with you. Madhu is shocked. Bittu saus relation is like a tree and have to save it from all calamities.

He asks her to forget everything and manage her relation well. He says you have to end this matter, be happy. He leaves.

RK asks Bittu did he say Madhu. Bittu says I have explained her well, she won’t go for job tonight. RK says if she goes our relation will break, just few hours will decide it now
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Friday, 1 August 2014

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 1st August 2014 Written Update

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 1st August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Madhu getting a call from the job employer who asks her is she joining or not. She thinks she did not talk to RK till now, he will not agree for this. She says yes will join. RK comes and she asks him to sleep on the bed. He gets angry and asks her to have food and milk. They start arguing, Madhu says you spoke to me in loud tone infront of everyone, you shouted on me. RK says you were controlling me, I feel off two stairs and you made it an issue. She says whom did I say. He says I will tell you when that someone comes. He sleeps on the floor mat. She also keeps a mat and sleeps on the floor. RK looks at her. She worried thinking RK did not have food and medicines.

RK asks her to have food before sleeping. She says don’t worry, I made veg juice and will drink it, and I won’t make it for you. She makes the juice and adds medicines in his glass. RK gets up and goes to cook. She says you can get angry but can’t stay hungry. She gets a call. He sees the time and thinks who wants to talk to her at this time. She takes the call and says yes, yes, we will ytalk tomorrow. She says move, I will make food. She cuts the vegetables and RK looks at her.

He asks whose call was it. She says nothing, just like that. Agni wakes up and says I want right info about Madhu and RK and I can get it from Leela. She calls Leela. Leela happily tells about RK and Madhu’s fight. Agni is glad and says I will distribute sweets but let them fight. Leela asks her to send Dau ji here. Agni says I want to stop Dau ji, if he goes, RK will come back here. Leela says nom send him and then see what happens.

Madhu gives food to RK and asks him to eat. He says you have first. She says we have one plate and today we won’t together, so you have it first. RK starts eating. He says I m done, you have it now. Madhu smiles. Tujhpe jaan qurbaan………………plays………… Its morning, Madhu wakes up and looks for RK. She says it looks like he went to garage, and talks to Kanha to do something today that their fight ends. Dau ji comes to meet RK at his garage. Dau ji asks him about his health. RK says I m fine, what happened to me. Madhu comes and Dau ji asks what happened. RK and Madhu have an argument. RK asks her not to bring Dau ji in this matter.

Dau ji looks on. Madhu asks Dau ji to come. Dau ji says you are going to be father now, think before shouting on Madhu, she is pregnant and this fight and tension is not good for her. Madhu thinks about the doctor’s words and cries saying what to explain to RK, , how to stop him. RK comes to her and sees her crying. RK says I did not marry you again to make you cry, you see how the small thing is getting so big, its our mistake, and every husband and wife fight, it does not mean you call Dau ji, see he got so sad. Madhu says who told you I called him.

RK says you complained him that I m troubling you. She asks who told you. RK says Leela Mami. She asks him to identify people well. She says you did not think I love you so much, I can’t make your head bow down infront of people. He smiles. She cries and he says what you said, I m glad hearing it. She says now you say what you want to say. He says you married a mad guy, who does not understand anything in anger. He says it will take time for me to become good, till then you have to bear me, I m sorry for shouting on you, giving you tension and keeping you hungry. Madhu nods and holds his hand. She says don’t get angry on me and don’t leave me. Tere ishq hi mera junoon hai maahi…………….plays………….She thinks about doctor’s words about his heart hole. She hugs him and asks him not to leave her.

He says I won’t go anywhere. Dau ji talks to Leela and Bittu about Madhu and RK’s fight. Leela says RK has kicked out all his property, now why is he angry if Madhu is telling him anything. Bittu asks her to sht her mouth and bring tea. Bittu says everything will be fine between them. Leela says don’t give false hope, they both are against each other, the tjing just stared and will go ahead. Madhu and KR come together and Leela is shocked. Bitttu smiles and says you can give any written statement now. RK apologizes to Dau ji and says I came to take you our home. Madhu apologizes to Bittu and takes Dau ji home.

Madhu gives Dau ji tea. RK tells him that Madhu is not letting him anything tasty and giving boiled food, juices, less oil food. Dau ji asks him to have what she is making. Bittu calls RK and he goes. Dau ji asks Madhu to tell him the truth about RK’s health as she is giving him restricted food. Madhu says its for me, doctor asked me to have such food. Dau ji says I heard doctors asks pregnant women to have good food, RK is my heir, tell me what happened to him, he fell from stairs and you stopped him from working, I m afraid. Madhu thinks of doctor’s words that no one should know about it. Dau ji asks what is it. Madhu keeps quiet.

Madhu sees RK sleeping and hides the job interview file. She sleeps. RK gets up and asks where did you go. She gets tensed.. 
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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 31st July 2014 Written Update

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 31st July 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with RK drinking the juice. Madhu smiles and thanks Kanha for giving her idea to mix medicine in juice and make RK drink it. RK asks Madhu to drink now and she drinks it holding her nose. Leela talks to Bittu and asks why is RK resting if he fell from two stairs, ask him to work so that we get money. Bittu asks her to stand by someone’s pain and sufferings. He says have pity on me now. She says I want my money then I won’t come to you. He leaves. She says your garage will get fire and will be shut soon. Madhu sees RK sleeping and cries thinking about doctor’s words to arrange Rs 2.5 lakhs.

Bittu works in the garage and says RK is not well and should take rest. RK comes and says Madhu has let me come here on the condition that I won’t work but can make you work. Bittu asks him to sit and guide him. Madhu reads the newspaper and wants to give the interview for the call centre. She says she is ready to work in night shift. He asks about her experience. She says yes I have, I was superstar Abhay Kapoor’s secretary. Madhu asks RK to come and have the veg juice. She gets worried as he runs on the stairs. He asks what happened. She says I m afraid since you fell off the stairs.

She gives him the juice and he says first you. They drink the juice. She says I have to go to doctor today. He says I will also come. She says no, I will go alone. He says fine, but let me go to garage. She says fine, you can just sit there, no work. He says ok just sitting. RK sees Bittu working and asks him to open the tyre first and pull it out. RK says I will do it. Bittu says you are not well, don’t do it. RK does the work. Madhu comes and reacts seeing RK work. She says the doctor asked you to rest, then why did you work after I went. RK says I was helping Bittu.

Madhu scolds him and Bittu too. Bittu says I asked him not to work, and gives explanations. Madhu cries and says if he faints againm, come home now. RK says I m not a kid. Madhu says you are making me angry. RK says even I m getting angry, don’t try to control me. Leela hears this fight. RK says if I don’t work then who will work. RK says come, lets go to doctor and ask what happened to me that I do as you say. He says she is joking of my innocence. Madhu says please come home. Bittu asks him to go and take rest. RK says no. Madhu says fine, be here. She leaves.

Agni asks Dau ji to have kheer after food. He says I will get fat if you give me by so much love. He says I m missing RK a lot. He asks her to call RK. Agni says he should have called you daily. Dau ji says he is worried and starting new life, he is busy. Agni calls RK and he does not take the call being upset. Dau ji says call again. Agni calls again. RK cuts the call. Dau ji says call Madhu, lets talk to her and find out. Madhu cries talking to Kanha ji and says how to explain RK, I can’t tell him as doctor asked me not to tell him. RK calls Madhu and she cuts the call. She says I m also angry and won’t come to you now. Dau ji calls her and she says I don’t want to talk to you. Dau ji says its me Dau ji, what happened, did RK do anything. She says no, he was calling me again and again, so I felt its him. Dau ji asks is she fine. She says yes. He says did RK tell anything, tell me, I will pull his ear. Madhu stops from saying about RK’s illness. She cries. Dau ji asks is everything fine. Is RK’s health fine. She says he is fine, I will tell you if anything happens. Leela hears this last time and thinks Madhu is complaining to Dau ji, now see how I make this spark a big fire.

Bittu tries to explain RK to see the situation, as Madhu is going to be mum, and her mood swings will be there, she can get unwell if you fight with her. RK says I know this, but she can’t control me. RK says she stopped me from driving taxi as she did not like it, she made me have veg juice and now shouted here on me infront of everyone. RK says from where will the money come if I don’t work. Bittu asks him not to be angry and patch up now. He asks him to have rest. RK says leave me alone for some time, I will go. Bittu says fine, take care and leaves.

Agni asks Dau ji what happened. Dau ji says Madhu was crying, she is in problem. Agni says RK left all this property to do honest work. Dau ji says its not easy. She asks if he wants to come back, say no to him. Dau ji says its his house, he can come anytime. Leela brings tea for RK and fills his ears against Madhu saying she does not respect her husband, as she feels you are useless and won’t earn money for her. You are not giving her a good life. He says don’t create a scene, I know Rani very well. She says I heard her saying this, Madhu has complained to Dau ji about him. RK confirms and is shocked. Leela says I request you not to tell anyone, else Madhu will go to Bittu and cry. Then Bittu will get angry on me, so don’t tell her, have tea, your head ache will go. She leaves.

RK doubts Madhu seeing her talk strangely on phone hiding something.
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