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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 27th July 2012 Written Update

Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon  27th July 2012 Written Update 

Madhu's House

The episode starts with Aai questioning the Maliks what R.K was doing in the engagement party.Malike retorts saying that she is behaving as if it's all true!Aai says that she is not saying but all are buzzing about R.K-MB.Malik asks Aai why don't you tell them it's it's all fake.Aai says that the entire city is talking,whom should she convince?She doesn't knows now what to do!Roma tells Aai not to be so hyper.The media just knows to manipulate things!Aai says that she doesn't knows anything about the media as they are a simple family unlike Maliks who belong to the film world & the Maliks are used to publicity not the Dixits!.Aai further continues that their worlds are completely different & that's what she was trying to make Mukund understand & but he doesn't listens.Mukund stands there helplessly while his Aai taunts the Maliks saying that film world is false & show-off!Trishna tries to intervene in between but Paddy stops her.Aai asks Trishna didn't your mother teach you that children are not supposed to talk when elders are talking.Your mother musn't have taught you as she would have been very busy shooting the whole day!Aai insults Paddy by saying that in the morning Paddy marries someone,in the noon,she becomes someone's widow while at night she has to hold someone else's hand as told by the film director!The Maliks are shattered hearing all this.Tears roll down in buckets from Madhu's eys as she hears everything standing behind Aai.

Madhu finally comes in front of Aai & weeps saying that even the Maliks have received a heavy blow like the Dixits.Aai taunts her calling her R.K's muse!Aai tells the whole city is gossiping about it.She futher tells Madhu that a girl's self-respect is like a glass.Once broken,it can't be rejoined!And so Madhu is supposed to keep herself 'clean' from all this!Madhu stares at Aai in shock.Before leaving Aai tells the Maliks that if they want Muku-Madhu marriage,then they have to get fully rid of this news!.Aai exits from there.Mukund apologises to the Maliks & follows Aai outside the house.

All the family members gather around Madhu to console her as she weeps bitterly.All tell her that they truly believe in her even though the world does not!Madhu tells them that everything is damaged no one is coming to her parlour & that people stand outside the parlour talking about the news.Malik assures her everything will be alright...

R.K's Mansion

  R.K plays dart game aiming perfectly & talks to himself saying that even after tarnishing MB so much,he is still not satisfied.He is itching to destroy her more!.Just then Aai phone come & she tells R.K that she has told as he had told her to do.R.K asks her did MB cry.Aai happily confirms that her tears were endless.R.K smirks.Aai tells him that she is worried as she is being insulted in her family regarding this news.R.K assures her that everything will be alright towards the evening & then cuts the call.

Madhu's House.

Madhu,concerned about Malik's BP tells him that they should visit a doctor.Malik tells her that he is fine & tells her to fetch the tablets.Malik wonders who printed such nonsence in the papers & why!The photos are surely not taken by our photograper.Roma tells that someone who had come from outside in the engagement must have done it!Malik further says that the camera angle is also different!Trishna confirms that someone has morphed the photo as she was standing with Madhu instead of R.K!Paddy says that someone is upto tarnishing their image!Trishna wonders that the person might be wanting to tarnish R.K instead of them!Roma says that they need to stop all this otherwise Madhu's marriage is in danger.

Madhu is shattered heraing that.Rome,Trishna & Paddy come towards her & all four of them recite one line each of 'Hoslon se..'.Paddy assures that there will besome way out of all this!Roma excitedly tells everyone there is a way out i.e R.K!Even R.K would be disturbed by this news.If he clarifies everything to the media, then everything will be sorted out! Malik tells he will at once go to R.K.Madhu tells him that she will go as he is not well.Malik says that Madhu can accompany him if she wants.Madhu agrees.

R.K's Mansion

 Bitto congratulate R.K on his perfect aim.Now what next.R.K says that they don't have to do anything now as MB will herself come to him!Just then Bittoji's hone rings.R.K smirks knowing it is MB.Bittoji is shocked as indeed the call was about MB saying that she is standing down along with her father.Bittoji calls R.K God when it comes to predicting MB.R.K signalls Bittoji to tell the security to make MB & Malik to wait for two hours.Bittoji does so!

Malik & MB asks about R.K to the security personnel. They tell them that R.K is busy in a meeting & it will take time.Madhu tells the guards that she has only work of few minutes.The guards retorts saying that he can't disturb R,K,else he will shout.Malik assures Madhu that they should wait.Malik's health deteriorates & MB is worried.

After waiting for sometime,MB sees that Malik is getting weaker.She offers to get him water.He refuses but still MB asks the security about getting drinking water.The guard asks her whether warm or cold water.Madhu tells that if possible warm water as her father is unwell.The guards nod.As she turns,one of the guard whispers to the other that she is their R.K Sir's latet muse.Madhu turns & retorts but Malik intervenes,calling her back to him.He tells her that he really doesn't needs water,why did she go to ask water!

Malik & Madhu keep on waiting for a long time anticipating to meet R.K.The guards had still not brought water even after waiting for so long!Madhu tells him that she is bringing water for him from an outside shop.Even after Malik tells her so many times not to go,she still goes & fetched a water bottle for him.Malik says that she is very ziddi & drinks the water.

R.K & Bittoji are watching them in the computer from inside.R.K smirks & asks Bittoji whether to call them inside!Bittoji agrees saying that two hours have already become!R.K instructs Bittoji to first arrange for dinner & then it's time for some ACTION!

Precap:Madhu reads out the newspaper article to R.K & he pretends to be disgusted!

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