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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 3rd September 2012 Writtne Update

Video UpdateMadhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 3rd September 2012 Video Watch Online

Part 1

Episode Starts with Madhu telling RK to say sorry to her Mom. RK Says That you are playing with fire, you will burn. Madhu says that she died the day she married to RK. Madhu says not to worry about me and think about yourself. RK Grabs Madhu to her room and locks her. Madhu says that tear the pics but I have the Copies and drink your tea with tomm newspaper. RK All angry!!

RK Yells Bittu Ji's name. Everyone in the house hears it. Rk's mom wakes up and wonders what happened. But her husband stops her saying that its a daily routine and sleep. He thinks that his work has been done.

Bittu Ji comes and RK says that today you have to do what I will say and he says that today will will bring the bottles to me, until I m in senses. Coz tomm morning I dont want to remember all this. RK Starts drinking and all shaken, He yeslls WHY. Madhu all tensed!!

Pado comes home and Trish ask for dinner. But she refuses. Trish says that coz RK Insulted you. Trish says that the whole chawl people know that RK Insulted you. She says that people will think that when Madhu her own daghter was earning then pado relaxed and now as she is not here, her step daughter told her to go out and bring money. She says that now she will earn money and do a Job!!

RK Comes in Madhu's room all Drunk. He brakes the bottle, Madhu all scared. RK says that you wanted me to say sorry to your Mom so lets go and say sorry to your Mom. Rk says that if those Pics get published anywhere the I will Kill you.!!

Part 2

Rk grabbing Madhu *bus haq hai ek mera* RK says that your victory is waiting for you in your chawl. Bittu ji trys to stop RK but he doesnt listen. RK's mom and Bhatia comes and says what are you doing. He says to Madhu that what you wanted is happening.

RK doesnt listen and says not to interfare in his life. He leaves. Radha says to bittu ji to go with him. She ask what happened to him. He says that he was just drinking and was in very Anger.

Part 3

Pado sleeping. RK knocks the door and says to open the door. Roma comes and says that this is not the time to knock someones door. RK says that he is little upset with this time right now. Pado opens the door and shocked to see them. And ask Madhu you here this time. Madhu says to go inside. All come inside. Madhu says You came here to say something so then speak. RK Looks at the door where the chawl people are standing.

Precap: Pado says that I have full confidence that My daughter will fight and will never keep her head down in front of you. Pado,Madhu, Roma Smiles. RK Smriks!!TongueLOL

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